Musticly is an audio-visual game.

Follow Melody as she embarks on an audio-visual journey: Bring Color to Your Music.

The whole world seems black and white to Melody, but things begin to change as she picks up her keyboard-brush and begins a journey. With the special brush she paints and creates original music by interacting with 4 special music-boxes. With that first interaction, she discovers that they could bring colors and joy back into her world.

My Role

As a team leader I managed the development process, making sure everything is done in time and all the team members are satisfied with the result. My responsibilities also included character design and animation.
Developed at Junction 2018.

Used tools: Unity (C#), Aseprite, Photoshop, CSP, Amper Music and Logic Pro.

Animation & character design by Phuong Ngo,

music production by Hsiao-Chieh Chu & Amper Music,

level layout planning by Stefan Chao,

coding and deployment by Robert Lee Seligmann & Lars Erik Schonander.

Create Your Own Music by Playing

Besides the world getting more colorful with Melody gathering the music paints, the music changes subtly depending on which color the user picks first. Depending on your choice, the music you hear each time could be different.

Game Theme — "Opposites"

"Opposite" themes are reflected in several elements in the game. For example, visuals and sounds are opposites. Additionally, there is the antithesis of "black-and-white" and "colorful world.' Likewise, the colors used in this game reflect opposing feelings such as the bleak ghosts and backgrounds versus the colorful music-boxes and Melody herself trying to brighten everything.


Melody's movements:


Music boxes:



Before working on the game itself, we spent 4 hours brainstorming the ideas for the theme of "opposites".
We also used paper and pencil to think of the most suitable demo level layout for the platforms and the animation sprints we needed for the game.
The rest of the time I worked on the animations and backgrounds, Maggie was looking for the compatible background music, we also spent time together to find the right chords for the music boxes that would suit the background music, when Robert, Stephan and Lars worked on the back end part in Unity.

The Team

Team Musticly consisted of 5 strangers that met each other for the first time at the venue. Today we are still in touch with each other, looking forward to working together on the future projects.