A few months ago, I tried to learn iOS development at Attendify. My mentor came up with a plan where I’d read about the new Swift features every week, and we’d discuss it together later. “If you can tell someone about what you’ve learned and that person understands you, it means that you’ve learned the material quite well," she said.

A few days later, I noticed a similar article on LinkedIn — “Best Way to Learn is to Teach Someone Else.”

But what if you don’t have a person you can teach? Or what if you are a very shy learner that feels uncomfortable talking to other people? “Talk to a Rubberduck,” my mentor said.

Rubberduck is an app that listens to what you’ve learnt and reminds you to revise the material once in a while. You can sort your recordings by skills and set the priorities.

My Role

I teamed up with my mentor to design & develop this app to publish it on App Store. (in progress)

Software: Sketch, Adobe XD, Procreate.

The challenge

My goal for the project was to design an app that would provide a completely new interactive way of self-learning experience that would have a game-like interface for better user engagement.


1. Any default voice memo app. Easy and fast to use, but does not have the notifications and sorting by skills features.
2. Evernote, mainly for note-taking.
3. Notability, both are mostly for note-taking while you can also record the lecture as an additional feature.
4. SuperNote, another analogy to Notability, but with a more outdated interface and no notifications.


Rubberduck is created for young people that enjoy learning new things and want to boost their productivity by using one of the best methods to remember the new material.

After talking to 4 potential users, I defined the four most essential features that are required in the app:
- Learn multiple skills at the same time;
- Manageable notifications;
- Easy recording feature.
- Access recorded lectures on any device.


To gamify the app I came up with a character that would become the user’s friend and learning pal.

Rubby asks the user to record after a long period inactivity and reminds to revise the learned material.

Early Sketches

Late Sketches

User’s Journey

Brainstorming on Paper

Before working on actual wireframes, I used pencil and paper to plan the information layout and proportions.


Colors & Fonts

1 - Get Started

2 - Manage Skills

3 - Record

4 - Access recordings

What's Next?

For the next version there are a few features that we would like to add:
— leave comments and pictures on a time frame;
— skills and recordings grouping.

Besides, multiple enhancements can be implemented, like iCloud sync, records sharing, etc.

This project is still under development, and therefore, the post will be periodically updated.