www.conversation shows a different way of communication between human and technology.

Can machines love? What if we could talk to computers with our emotions? Would it look like a more human-like conversation?

This web project detects your emotions and makes the computer respond to them in a cute way.

P.S. Works for Google Chrome.
Used tools: TensorFlow.js, p5.js, Pixaki.

Pretrained model by Kevin Hsiao, code integration & visuals by Phuong Ngo.

How It Works

www.conversation uses a pretrained model by Kevin Hsiao to detect certain emotions: neutral, happy, angry, sad, disgust, fear and surprise. If emotion is detected, a background-color and animation change accordingly.
happy surprise anger fear


The computer's 'face' was drawn in pixel art style, based on the idea, that pixel art represents everything techy or retro. The animations are powered by Pixaki app and There are five expressions in total: neutral, happy, surprise, angry and fear.

neutral happy surprise angry fear